How To Grow And Maintain A Sexy Beard? Here’s The Ultimate Guide.

Did you ever think about growing a beard and then stop midway because it didn’t look the way you wanted it to?
Did you grow a beard fully and then shaved it off because it did not look fabulous?
I want to say that you shouldn’t have shaved it off, but you had to. That’s how we learn. Learn that growing a beard takes a lot of care and grooming, even more than your hair.

1. Let it grow, have patience

Beards need time to grow. While most of us are used to seeing our hair grow long and lustrous, beards hardly ever grow beyond the stubble phase.
Yes, it looks a bit peppery and untidy at the start, and it may make you look “unclean” too, but you have to go through this phase without cutting the forest down.
Let it grow!

2. Endure the itching, it will pass

The most common complaint of everyone who has ever tried growing a beard is that it itches. Your facial skin isn’t used to a beard because you have always shaved it clean. Now that you have grown it longer than ever it will itch.
You have to endure it until your skin adjusts to the beard.
If you are really irritated by the itching, you can always apply some aloe vera gel straight from an aloe vera plant on your skin and let it soak. It will take care of the itching and will leave your facial skin soft and supple too.

3. Use a scruff softener to make the stubble softer, not shampoo!

The first growth of beard is always coarse and rough, simply because it is the first time. And if you have a girlfriend who is complaining of beard burns during your make out sessions, you can apply softeners.
Scruff softeners are creams that will make your stubble soft – just like conditioned hair.
A fair warning, though – you will keep playing with your beard all day long case it feels so good and soft!

4. It will look shaggy after it grows long, do not worry

Oh yeah. The first set of beard you actually grow long will be scruffy and rebellious. It will grow in every direction possible. It does look like you just came back from the forest, but you have to let it grow.
Remember, that you have to let the beard grow for 4-5 weeks before you get to the grooming stage. It looks shaggy and unkempt but have patience because the hardest part to an awesome beard starts now.

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